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Equine Dentistry

Proper regular dental care is important for all horses, regardless of age, size or use. Just like we need to visit the dentist regularly, your horse should be seen by a veterinarian to have their teeth addressed every six to twelve months!


Horse's teeth grow constantly throughout their entire life so regular professional check-ups by a veterinarian are a must. This will ensure that your horse is…

  1. Free from dental pain
    • Those of us who have suffered with a fractured or infected tooth or mouth ulcers know how painful these conditions are!
  2. Maintaining a normal chewing cycle
    • This ensures your horse is getting the maximum amount of nutrients from their feed
    • It also reduces the risk of colic. Horses which are unable to chew their feed effectively do not reduce the fibre to an appropriate length thus increasing the risk of impaction colic.
  3. Ridden comfortably
    • Removing painful or restrictive conditions in the mouth allows your horse to achieve free motion and respond to the aids provide by the bit.
  4. Achieving their maximum life expectancy
    • Advances with health care and modern dentistry are largely responsible for horses achieving a longer life expectancy than their predecessors.
  5. Broodmares
    • Reducing the risk of abortion. In humans women are 7 times more likely to miscarry when they are suffering from periodontal disease (infection around the tooth).


PTFEC provides a comprehensive range of professional dental procedures including routine floating, wolf teeth removal, extractions and management of periodontal disease.