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Pre-purchase Exam

Pre-purchase examinations are important for all types of horses, from the elite sport horse to pleasure riding horses and offered at Pepper Tree Farm Equine Clinic. At PTFEC we follow the Equine Veterinarian’s Australia (EVA) protocol when performing this important examination.


The purpose of a pre-purchase is to evaluate the health status of the horse, identify any existing and potential problems, then interpret these with respect to the animal’s intended use. The intended purchaser requests the examination and the results are solely for the use of that individual.


A thorough veterinary examination is conducted and depending on the results of the initial exam and the horse’s intended use additional tests may be performed. In order to perform a thorough pre-purchase examination it is important that the examination is undertaken with a consistent approach in a controlled environment, therefore it is recommended the examination be undertaken at the clinic.


Upon completion of the examination the potential purchaser is provided with a written report.

Insurance Exams

With the value of horses increasing, more and more people are taking out insurance policies to protect their valuable investment. There are a number of insurance companies which will tailor a specific package to suit your equestrian needs.


Most insurance policies will require a veterinary examination to assess the general physical wellbeing of your horse. It is important to know that existing conditions and their associated complications may not be covered by new policies potentially resulting in exclusion clauses surrounding these conditions.

Policy options throughout Australia vary from insurance company to company but may include insurance for veterinary costs, mortality insurance (death from illness or injury), permanent loss of use, theft, third party liability, transit insurance, reproductive infertility, embryo transfer insurance and unborn foal insurance.


If your horse is insured it is important that this information is disclosed every time your horse sees a veterinarian, particularly if veterinary attendance is due to an accident, illness, surgical procedures or pending euthanasia. If the insurance company is kept informed the claims process is always smoother.

PTFEC does not specifically recommend any insurance company as each insurance company will have their own specific policy terms and conditions. Please contact the insurance company directly to find out if an insurance policy is right for you.