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Lameness & Farriery



Lameness can sometimes be subtle and difficult to see with the untrained eye. Other times the horse is not overtly lame but rather not performing to the same level under saddle. A subtle lameness often indicates the start of a potentially larger problem and should therefore be investigated.


When your horse is not performing due to soundness issues we perform a thorough exam to diagnose complicated lameness cases. The work-up begins with an assessment of the horse’s gait in both a straight line and on the lunge. We then methodically localise the lameness beginning with hoof testing, flexion tests and then often nerve blocks. In order to diagnose the problem it is often necessary to x-ray or ultrasound the area which the lameness is localised to with subsequent formulation of a management protocol to treat and help alleviate the problem.


A horse on the trot up track


Alternative Therapies

At PTFEC we believe in offering a holistic approach to ensure your horse remains in optimal health. We are able to diagnose your horse’s performance issues and when appropriate recommend and utilise the services of qualified equine massage therapists. The clinic has its own qualified equine massage therapist on staff or alternatively we are happy to work in with a therapist you are already utilising to formulate an appropriate management plan for your horse.



Relaxing with a massage


Remedial Farriery

Growing up as a master farrier’s daughter, Brianna has a strong interest in bringing together the knowledge and skills of farriers and veterinarians to provide a comprehensive management plan for horses with hoof problems.


Brianna is able to work with the expertise of her father, Rob Vandyke, to consult on complicated podiatry cases. Rob is a master farrier with over 30 years experience. We are also able to work with your horse’s regular farrier.


In working together Pepper Tree Farm Equine Clinic is able to combine the art of farriery with the diagnostic tools of veterinary science to treat and manage a range of conditions such as laminitis, navicular syndrome, quarter cracks and angular limb deformities in young horses.