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General Procedures



Health Checks

To ensure your equine friend remains in the best of health a routine health programme should be undertaken. This should include a balanced diet, regular exercise and preventative health care including worming, vaccination, dental care and farriery.


At Pepper Tree Farm Equine Clinic we will ensure that your horse’s management is tailored specifically to them; so that should an emergency occur you and your vet are better equipped to manage the situation.




In line with Racing NSW rule LR82C it is a requirement that veterinarians are licensed to provide services in NSW to racing thoroughbreds. Mr V’landys previously stated that “The implementation of the rule will support Racing NSW in ensuring that Racing NSW is utilising the best practice integrity model.”


In line with this rule Pepper Tree Farm Equine Clinic has ensured the registration of veterinarians within the practice so that we are able to provide veterinary services to thoroughbred horses in training.


To read more regarding the licensing of veterinarians through Racing NSW click here.


Ambulatory Services

Consultations at your horse’s property are an important part of equine practice. PTFEC provides an ambulatory service for horses that require attention but are unable to attend the clinic. The clinic has a portable endoscope, portable digital x-ray and ultrasound.


We provide an ambulatory service within a certain radius of the clinic. For those clients outside this radius you are welcome to bring your horse to us for consultation. Our recommendation, when possible, is to bring your horse to the clinic where a more comprehensive range of facilities and equipment is always available.




Field Surgery

There are several routine surgeries which can be performed in the field without the need for referral to a surgical facility. These include but are not limited to routine castration, correction of angular limb deformities in foals via a periosteal elevation, suturing of wounds/lacerations, placement of eye treatment tubes and removal of masses such as sarcoids.


A patient recovering from anaesthesia




Freeze Branding/Microchipping

Identification of your horse is crucial for preventing theft and proving ownership. It is also necessary for the registration of your horse with many of the breed societies. The clinic is registered with the Australian Stud Book as required for the identification, freeze branding and microchip insertion for thoroughbreds. We are able to provide the brand numbers so you only need to provide your stud brand.




There are a number of highly infectious, and in some cases, life threatening diseases that can be mitigated through vaccination. All horses should be vaccinated every year against tetanus. Other vaccines which may also be appropriate in the management of your horse’s health include vaccination against strangles, herpes virus and Hendra.


An initial course followed by regular boosters is essential for all vaccinations. Contact the clinic today to discuss a suitable vaccination protocol for your horse.



All horses will have worms at some stage in their life and are often re-infected thoughout their life. Severe infestations can be life threatening but even low rates of infestation can cause digestive malabsorption, weight loss and increased risk of colic.


A worm control programme is relatively simple, inexpensive and when implemented reguarly can significantly reduce the risks associated with worm infestation.



Pepper Tree Farm Equine Clinic uses and recommends Pryde’s Easifeed®. Pryde’s Easifeed® have a complete range of extruded feeds for equids of all disciplines, from the paddock pony to the elite performance horse and for all life stages from the young foal to the retired companion. They offer excellent nutritional and customer support.


Through combining the expertise of their equine nutritionists and sales representatives with veterinary understanding of your horse, the clinic is able to tailor a nutrition protocol to ensure your horse meets all their nutritional requirements.



To help in selecting the correct feed for your horse click the link below.


Prydes Easi Feed Selector