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The PTFEC surgical unit was purpose built in November 2017 and enables the clinic to offer elective surgical procedures for our client's horses. The surgical unit is large and spacious with facilities to anaethetise the smallest newborn foals through to large draft horses.


We have a well equipped surgery suite and gas inhalation facilities for newborns through to draft horses.


Commonly performed elective procedures include joint arthroscopy, upper airway surgery (i.e. "tie backs"), ovariectomy for mares with ovarian tumours, cryptorchid ("rig") castrations and correction of angular limb deviations in foals. 


The clinic surgeries are performed by visiting Registered Specialists in Equine Surgery; Associate Professor Nick Kannegieter BVSc, Dip Vet Clin Stud, PhD, FANZCVSc and Dr Hadley Willsallen BVSc, MANZCVSc, DACVS-LA.